UPS / Invertors

Power plus controls is Authorised Distributor / Dealer for Kevin, WEP, Su-Kam, Microtech, APC, etc. Through our experience and survey in the market we have selected models from different Manufacturers which offers quality, competitive cost and durability. We have sales outlet in SJP road Bangalore and dealers throughout Karnataka.

WEP UPS Kevin UPS Su-kam UPS Microteck UPS Amaron Battery
Products :

High Frequency UPS
Static UPS
Lift UPS

UPS Salient Features :

15% Extra Backup
10% - 15% Extra Power
Compact Design & Light Weight
20% - 25% Saving in Electricity
Compatibility with Generator
External DC Fuse
Intelligent Charging / Recovering Deep - Discharged Battery
Zero Battery Consumption in 'Switch Off' & 'Mains Off' mode
Supports Computer systems.
Pure Sine Wave even with mini motors & Compact Fluorescant Lamp (CFL) Load
Low Battery Discharge as compared to that of Conventional Home UPS / Inverter
No Humming noice.